Opportunity: Full Executive DBA Research Fellow scholarships

École des Ponts Business School’s Circular Economy Research Center (CERC) is offering three (3 ) full Research Fellowship scholarships for our Executive DBA (E-DBA) program starting on 7 November 2022 for candidates willing to commit to a three-year full-time engagement as a Research Fellow with the ongoing and growing research activities of the CERC, notably activities relative to our numerous EU-funded research projects.


We are looking for three highly motivated and deserving Executive DBA candidates who wish to pursue a doctoral journey while contributing to the research and other knowledge-creation activities of the Circular Economy Research Center. Successful candidates will be required to commit to a full-time three-year research engagement starting from the date of admission without any other concurring or parallel employment activities that could impair the focus to the research journey.

The Circular Economy Research Center is currently actively participating in
5 EU-funded research projects as well as other internal and external research activities with the aim to support the agenda of creating robust, research-driven knowledge in the domain of Circular Economy.

The CERC is continuously submitting research proposals to various funding instruments, as such its research portfolio is expected to continue to grow in the months and years ahead.

The Offer

1) A full scholarship equivalent to a full reduction of E-DBA tuition fees (a value of €49,900). This reduction is conditional on fulfilling the engagements relative to the research fellowship.

An enrollment fee of €3,500 will be required as a deposit to secure your seat in the program. This deposit will be reimbursed upon graduation.

No tuition fees will be due if all commitments are respected, if not a pro-rata of tuition fees will be due in order to complete the E-DBA program (contact the Admissions Team for further details, terms and conditions).

2) Over the duration of the 3 years (including Year 1 of the program during which you will also attend residential research courses), fellows will be requested to perform monthly “secondments” for an estimated 10 months of every year. These secondments are compensated by a stipend equivalent to €2,000-€2,100 per month to cover living and travel expenses (travel to the site of the secondment and living expenses on site such as meals, accommodation, etc., as per prevailing EU research specifications).


  • You will be a doctoral student at a leading Doctorate of Business Administration program, and receive a doctoral diploma from one of France’s elite engineering schools, École des Ponts ParisTech and its business school, École des Ponts Business School.
  • You will become a recognized Circular Economy expert and attain the title of Dr.
  • You will be part of a growing multidisciplinary research team dedicated to furthering the transition to a Circular Economy.
  • You will gain extensive experience in applied research linked to the convergence of technology, business models and Circular Economy.
  • You will be part of leading EU-funded action research projects, publications, and events.
  • You will visit a wide range of EU businesses, face a diversity of intellectual challenges, and gain valuable professional, academic and research experience.
  • You will enjoy flexible work options including adjusted work hours and remote work (some exceptions apply during secondments) as needed or desired.
  • Additional opportunities to travel to special events, conferences, training, and meetings (paid for by the CERC).

Please note: the Research Fellow positions are not remunerated positions per se. Within the context of the implementation of specific EU research actions, stipend payments for secondments and/or other compensation may apply.


  • Attend all residential courses of the E-DBA program and fulfill all E-DBA program requirements in a timely manner;
  • Be seconded as part of the MSCA-RISE projects for approximately 10 months per year. Locations include Poland, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Italy and more.
  • Perform research activities linked to any of the current or future projects as the Director of CERC might assign them including:
    1) Work on primary, secondary, and specific tasks or deliverables of the research projects.
    2) Participate in and/or organize research events, communication events, workshops, and other relevant activities on behalf of CERC.
    3) Assist in the drafting of research proposals and providing new approaches and improvements.
    4) Supporting the preparation of high-quality papers suitable for publication and policy- or industry-relevant reports and blogs. 5) Assist in preparing presentations and organizing public engagement activities on the research work.
    6) Collaborating with the edition and proofreading the accuracy of research papers.
    7) Supporting the work with the research project's partners and relevant stakeholders to disseminate and integrate the research outcomes of the projects.
    8) Assisting in the organisation and implementation of stakeholder workshops.
    9) Travel to workshops in different EU countries and to relevant international conferences.
    10) Perform quantitive and qualitative research
    11) Perform other ad hoc assignments as required.
  • Always act in a respectful, collaborative and ethical manner and represent the business school and the CERC accordingly.

Fellowship and Admissions Requirements

Priority will be given to candidates who fill all requirements and have one of the following profiles:

  • Professional experience in domains related to Social Sciences
  • Professional experience in domains relevant to Exact Sciences
  • Professional experience in technical domains such as ICT, the Internet of Things, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Applicants must be EU citizens or have EU residency, or another permit that allows them to work and travel within Europe without restrictions.

Selection Procedure

  • All candidates will first follow the standard École des Ponts Business School E-DBA admissions procedures.
  • You will need to enter "CERC Scholarship 2022" as a "Contact Code".
    (Section 9 of the application form - "Additional Information")
  • Additionally, all suitable candidates will have an interview with the Director of the CERC.
  • Selected candidates will need to complete the admissions process and sign all relevant documentation pertaining to the terms of their admission.
  • Successful candidates are expected to be appointed by the end of September 2022 and commence research work in October 2022 and doctoral work in November 2022.

Priority Profiles

  • A minimum of 10 years of professional experience
  • Applicants will already have a Master’s, MBA, or other advanced professional or academic degree. Applicants with a doctoral degree (PhD, EdD), PhD ABDs and those who have started doctoral programs elsewhere can apply for transfer credit to the program, depending on recency and content of validated doctoral course work.
  • Applicants must be EU citizens or have EU residency, or another permit that allows them to work and travel within Europe without restrictions.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English;
  • Demonstrate interest in circular economy and sustainable development;
  • Excellent communication, time and resource-management skills;
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively as a team member;
  • Have a growth mindset and quickly learn new skills when required.
  • Academic publishing track record for career stage.
  • Experience in research proposal drafting.
  • Knowledge of digital technologies enabling the circular economy.
  • Able to identify appropriate research options, methods and theoretical perspectives.
  • Experience in collaboration with researchers from other disciplines.
  • Experience in presenting research outcomes.

Research projects

  • CE-IoT: E-IoT is a EU H2020 project funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE action. The overall aim of CE-IoT is to develop an innovative framework for the interplay between Circular Economy and IoT
  • Ideal-Cities: IDEAL-CITIES is an EU H2020 project funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE action. IDEAL-CITIES aims to provide a novel, open and extensible platform to enable secure, resilient acquisition and sharing of information with the goal to improve the well-being and inclusivity of citizens, producing a more effective response to crime or other emergencies, and make Smart Cities feel more secure and safe to the citizens living in them.
  • Bio-Phoenix: BIO-PHOENIX is an EU H2020 project funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE action, has a budget of 1,324,800€ and a duration of four years, from July 2019 to June 2023. BIO-PHOENIX aims to develop a fundamentally novel computational model for reconstructing complex software systems, following some massive internal failure or external infrastructure damage.
  • Smartship: A data analytics, decision support and circular economy–based multi-layer optimization platform towards a holistic energy efficiency, fuel consumption and emissions management of vessels. SmartShip aims to bring together Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) of focused Universities, Research Institutions and Companies oriented into the maritime sector in order to build a holistic integrated ICT-based framework for the sustainable, individualized and completely automated energy management of ship
  • SharedGreenDeal: SHARED GREEN DEAL's core goal is to stimulate shared actions on Green Deal initiatives across Europe, by providing Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) tools to support the implementation of 8 EU Green Deal policy areas, at the local and regional levels. Importantly, the project takes a transdisciplinary approach, covering 19 social science and humanities disciplines, and incorporates multi-stakeholder, practice-based and policy-science expertise. Moreover, gender studies are a key component that will guide activities throughout the project's lifetime.

How to Apply

The deadline for submissions is: Friday, 23 September 2022.
Please create an account and complete an online application form here.

You will need to enter "CERC Scholarship 2022" as a "Contact Code".
(Section 9 of the application form - "Additional Information")

Before applying, we invite all interested applicants to read the scholarship offer carefully and apply to this unique opportunity fully aware of the nature of the work and the extent of the commitment required.

We are here to help:

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